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Welcome to my little shop!   


Hello Kind Soul,


Please take the time to carefully read all the policies before purchasing anything in my shop.

When you place an order, you are agreeing with all my policies. If after reading everything you still have some questions, feel free to email me at: kindnaturejewels@gmail.com Remember I’m always available!!If by some mystery you don’t receive a reply after 4 working days just contact me again!

Please do not use Instagram to message me as I cannot track all messages I receive there.



For now, I only have PayPal available as it’s easy and safe to use. You can link it to your own account or credit card.

I do accept payment plans! just contact me and we’ll work something out.



I ship worldwide! Due to covid there are some restrictions, and you can contact me if you have any doubts.

Usually, I take around 4-6 weeks to make the piece but due to covid these can take longer up to 8 weeks.

Why you may ask..well.. I work with a small business caster whom I send my waxes too and I also have to send the pieces to the Assay’s Office (INCM) so they can test the metal.  All of this takes time and can be affected by the fact that this is a one woman show and certain things, out of my control, can happen and delay your order. I do not like to work in a rush and like things to be peaceful so if you need it to ship faster please contact me before you purchase so we can discuss what can be done!

I believe my energy will be put on my jewelry, so I truly do not like to work while being anxious and I hope you understand that.

For pieces that are already ready to go I will ship them 1-2 weeks after the order.

I sent out everything ready to gift to yourself or someone else.



Since the beginning of everything all businesses are now “slower”. This means that the person I send my waxes to and the Assay’s office are working slower because of the work restrictions they have now ( less people are now working at the same time to diminish contagion). This means delays will happen. Regarding shipping, delays have also been happening and it’s perfectly normal. I cannot be held responsible for delays due to the pandemic. Please understand that delays can happen from now on. If this does not suit you, please do not purchase from me during these times as it will cause stress for us both! I'm sure as soon this is all over everything will be back to "normal".




Please do not purchase anything from me and then ask afterwards to engrave or add a stone as I will refund you right away.

I do not usually accept custom orders but email me if you have an idea and if I have the time, we could work something out.

All custom orders can take up to 3 months for me to create and ship. Sometimes more! Ask me about it :-P



All my pieces are not resizable.

If you do not know your ring size or the lengths for necklaces, I suggest finding it out before purchasing. I recommend going to a jewelry store and trying out different sizes to see what fits you best!

Each country has their own measurement system and you can also find those information on many different websites.



Everything is made to order and handcrafted and because of that I do not accept return or exchanges.

All sales are final. This means that as soon as you order I purchase the silver and start working on the piece.

I understand things can happen in our lives so you can contact me and I will partially refund your order.

Please verify if the size you are ordering is the correct one as I do not offer refunds or exchanges if you have purchased the wrong size.

Please understand I’m not responsible for damages, stolen or lost items during shipping and will not refund you if that happens.

If the parcel is returned to me, I will send it back to you with no extra cost with normal shipping.



All orders will ship with a tracking number.

I offer regular CTT shipping which can take around 2-4 weeks. I always ask to please contact me after 4 weeks if you don’t receive anything so I can deal with it asap.

I can also offer EMS express shipping which usually takes 3-5 working days only. If you don’t receive your parcel after 5 days I also ask to contact me so I can deal with it.

I’m always available for questions or doubts. Do not get frustrated with shipping and just message me so we can deal with it :-P

You can track your parcel on this website: https://www.ctt.pt/feapl_2/app/open/objectSearch/objectSearch.jspx?objects=RV935677281CN&request_locale=en           Please enter your own tracking code and not the one they provide!




In Portugal, I can only legally sell my pieces if I send them to the Assay’s office INCM, which then tests the quality of the material and then Hallmarks it. You will get pure Sterling Silver.
They also test for presence of lead and cadmium.
Hallmarking pieces is more expensive but it's the only way to guaranty that it's pure Sterling Silver.
The Hallmark will usually be on the back of the piece or the clasp.

Here are two websites that I legally must have on my website for you to see the different Hallmarks used:


This is the different metal quotations:


 You can use the INCM assay’s office to test the jewelry you purchase from me.



I have an etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/KindNatureJewel  that you can visit to see past reviews :-)



Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or any issues. I want you to be happy with your piece and this at the end is what matters most to me. So, I truly want you to know that anything should happen, I’m here and I will always be available. If there is any issue with your piece and there is something you don’t like I’m here! 


The little Owl drawing you will see in the little shipping box and on the homepage is from artist Adam Oehlers. I was lucky enough to have it custom made for me! Check out his art it's so worth it!!

His Instagram:   @adamoehlers

His website: https://nomadicalley.bigcartel.com/