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Deadly Nightshade Essence necklace

  • Deadly Nightshade Essence necklace
  • Deadly Nightshade Essence necklace

Deadly Nightshade also known as Belladonna or Atropa Belladonna is a poisonous perennial herbaceous plant in the nightshade family Solanaceae.
I have four of them on my balcony, one older than the others. The older one just flowered for the second time after I thought she was dead and I have never seen such beautiful dark purple/aubergine colours!
I absolutely love this plant and have fond memories of it. It grows in Portugal mostly in the North but my grandmother used to have one in her garden in the South. We were taught to be very careful to not eat the berries!

Atropa is a reference to Atropos, one of the Three Fates in Greek mythology, the Moirai. They saw life as a thread spun from a spindle. Clotho spun the thread of life, Lachesis  measured the thread of life that was unique to each person and Atropos, the inevitable, was the cutter of the thread. She would be the one who chose how the person would die and when it was their time to leave.

I remember seeing it in movies the first time in The Nightmare before Christmas with Sally using it to kill Doctor Finklestein her abuser. I also saw it again in Practical Magic and it was once again used by Sally to poison Jimmy's tequila, her sister's abuser.

Maybe for some reason I see this flower a little like my protector and also a reminder that it is possible to cut the thread that links me to a toxic situation or person. May this little amulet remind you of that too.

Dimensions: 40 mm x 32 mm
Weight: 14 g
Material: Sterling Silver

The piece is cast and then assembled again by me so some slight differences may appear and are part of the process of being handmade. It's what makes the piece unique.

This listing is made to order and takes me about 4-6 weeks to make it and due to the pandemic situation sometimes more.

Please read my Policy page before purchasing so you are informed of everything HERE.

This piece will be Hallmarked officially by the INCM here in Portugal.

The patina may change over time and that is perfectly normal.

Please don't forget that I'm always available and if you have any doubts feel free to contact me any time.

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