RESERVED Fluttering moon with a raindrop Rainbow Moonstone

  • RESERVED Fluttering moon with a raindrop Rainbow Moonstone
  • RESERVED Fluttering moon with a raindrop Rainbow Moonstone

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🌘🌿Fluttering Moon🌿🌒

The moon is but a sliver in the sky. It makes it harder for her to see the path but she's not scared. She knew this day would come eventually, she was ready for it the day she was born. She slowly walks deeper inside the forest, her naked feet barely touching the earth and a strange glow starts to appear from her pale almost transparent skin. Soon she thinks. Her hair is the colour of wheat and her eyes blue. She's not like us. Not human... not really... A little moth follows her closely watching her very steps. And finally the Tree was there. It was small, she thought. The little branches were covered in dewdrops hadn't rained in almost 100 years. The closer she got to it the closer she can smell it's delicate fragrance. It wasn't water..something else. The end was near for her, she wouldn't know the future and who was going to find her. Deep breath, step forward and then...silence. The Tree starts to move a little and a small white flower appears right at the bottom of its roots. It has the same glow as her but brighter. The little moth flutters slowly and grabs the little flower, her body starts to glow and she knows ...not now.. but one day..One day things where going to change and she was going to be ready.
The mysteries surrounding moths have always inspired me. The fact that they may be using celestial navigations methods to travel is so unique. Feeling the Moon on their wings and finding their direction in the night is such a beautiful image.
A symbol of trust and a reminder not to be blinded by it. Always trust your instinct not your fears.
You may sometimes feel you are travelling to the moon when in fact you are circling around something artificial that will eventually hurt you.

I find it beautiful the metamorphosis Moths undergo. Building their cocoon, entering darkness and after a while coming into the light and leaving it as a new being. It makes me believe that as Dark as a moment of your life can be, you can grow, rebuild yourself slowly .. steady... and then emerge as strong and beautiful as ever.

The lunar phases represent life cycles. The Moon disappears from the sky to then slowly emerge again, rebuilding herself.



Dimensions: Wings 50 mm Height 23 mm
Weight: 15g
Material: Sterling Silver

Will come with a 18 inch silver chain unless you ask for another length :-D

The piece is cast and then assembled again by me so some slight differences may appear and are part of the process of being handmade. It's what makes the piece unique.

Please read my Policy page before purchasing so you are informed of everything HERE.

As all my jewellery I send it to the INCM which then tests the quality of the material and then Hallmarks it.
They also test for presence of lead and cadmium.
Hallmarking pieces is more expensive but it's the only way to guaranty that it's pure Sterling Silver.
The Hallmark will usually be on the back of the piece.

The patina may change over time and that is perfectly normal.

Please don't forget that I'm always available and if you have any doubts feel free to contact me any time.

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