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Listing RESERVED. Jumping fox over Rainbow Moonstone

  • Listing RESERVED. Jumping fox over Rainbow Moonstone

This listing is reserved, do not purchase unless it's for you :-)
As discussed I will make both foxes with both stones :-P and then you will choose which one you prefer!

Comes with an 18'' silver chain that will be oxidised to give that lovely antique finish.

As all my jewellery I send it to the INCM which then tests the quality of the material and then Hallmarks it. You will get pure Sterling Silver. In this link you can see what Hallmark will be used. It's the little hawk 925.
They also test for presence of lead and cadmium.
Hallmarking pieces is more expensive but it's the only way to guaranty that it's pure Sterling Silver.
The Hallmark will usually be on the back of the piece.

The patina may change over time and that is perfectly normal.

Please don't forget that I'm always available and if you have any doubts feel free to contact me any time.

VAT included in price (where applicable)