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Pre Order Soot Sprite necklace WITH arms

  • Pre Order Soot Sprite necklace WITH arms
  • Pre Order Soot Sprite necklace WITH arms
  • Pre Order Soot Sprite necklace WITH arms

This listing is for a tiny little soot sprite with one or more candy with arms! This will be a pre order meaning that I will handcraft a little Soot Sprite just for you from scratch and then I will send it to the Assay's office to have it Hallmarked officially.

This should take between 4-6 weeks but due to lockdown and well the pandemic please keep in mind delays can happen and if you have any questions at any point just message me :-)

You can choose the number of candy up to 2! just leave that information in the comment box when purchasing.

Also if you find in the movie a little soot sprite you like you can also send me the screenshot and I will make a similar one keeping in mind that it's handmade so it will always be a little different.

Spirited Away is one of my go to movies when I feel a little down. These little Susuwatari came from Miyazaki’s imagination and I always found them to be the cutest little Spirits ever! I love the squeaky sounds they make when they are excited, angry or hungry😂 In the movie you see them helping Chihiro by keeping her shoes or surrounding her when Kamaji gets angry at her. Even though they are so small they are brave. When they are crushed, they come back🤗⁣

In each little necklace I imagine a little Soot Sprite spirit that will keep company to his/her owner and help them in their small ways during difficult times🥰⁣


14 x 5 mm more or less (depending on how much candy hehe) and will come with a 18 inch chain unless you ask for another length.
I added 24k gold using the keum boo method on the little stars.

Please read my Policy page before purchasing so you are informed of everything HERE.

As all my jewellery I send it to the INCM which then tests the quality of the material and then Hallmarks it. You will get pure Sterling Silver. In this link you can see what Hallmark will be used. It's the little hawk 925.
They also test for presence of lead and cadmium.
Hallmarking pieces is more expensive but it's the only way to guaranty that it's pure Sterling Silver.
The Hallmark will usually be on the back of the piece.

The patina may change over time and that is perfectly normal.

Please don't forget that I'm always available and if you have any doubts feel free to contact me any time.