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RESERVED Moon Carrier

  • RESERVED Moon Carrier

This listing is reserved please do not purchase unless it's for you :-)
As discussed this is for a little Athena Owl with the pair shaped Blue rainbow Moonstone :-)
It will be made with an 18inch chain unless you ask for another length via DM

Moon Carrier

~~She is flying. Her eyes are closed. Nature reflecting into her large wings. Feeling the wind passing between her feathers bringing sweet fragrances of fresh flowers, dry leaves and sweet berries.
She is Present. She is Free. At her feet a little round drop of frozen Moonlight she found and carries with love. ~~

I added a little round Rainbow Moonstone here as an Ode to the Moon. A little Owl caring a little drop of frozen Moonlight. A little stone to help those of use who are sensitive and need soothing.
The Great Grey Owl is known as the Ghost of the Forest as it has the capability to completely disappear in it's environment. Although it can look scary with it's strange eyes, it's one of the kindest owl species.

The first drawing of an Owl was about 30,000 years old in France isn't that amazing!
In most cultures Owls symbolise wisdom, transformation, regeneration even femininity.. But what I love about Owls is the ability to hear and see through darkness but also to live in the dark unafraid.

This piece was inspired by double exposure photography. I love seeing pictures of animals with forests, mountains, rivers inside them. For me there is no more beautiful way of showing what we are all part of. Nature.

This little Great Grey Owl Talisman was created as a reminder to stay connected with nature . The importance of living in the present and enjoying each moment. But also a reminder to take care of what lives inside you.
Sometimes we get so focused over things from our past, things that we are afraid might happen... and we forget to be kind to ourselves while time passes us by. Never forget yourself.

This little Owl will remind you to do that every day when you have her. She wants you to eat well and wants you to have a walk with her in a forest, a park nearby, a beach... Smell the fresh air and look for the tiniest details in Nature. Be present and gentle to yourself every day.

Here the crescent Moons represent eternal cycles. Beginning and endings.


Dimensions: 60 ( wing to wing)x 53 mm
Weight: 18g
This piece will come with a 18inch sterling silver chain.
I added a little 24k Gold leaf in the wings using the Keum Boo technique.

I made little videos on my instagram @kindnaturejewels where you can see better the different tones this stone has in daylight.

The patina may change over time and that is perfectly normal.

Please check my policies before ordering :-)

Please don't forget that I'm always available and if you have any doubts feel free to contact me any time.