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Moonlight Song

  • Moonlight Song
  • Moonlight Song
  • Moonlight Song
  • Moonlight Song
  • Moonlight Song

This listing is for a pre order of the little Moth with a either rose cut 10mm Rainbow Moonstone cabochon or round polished 11mm cabochon. The first couple pictures show an example of a round polished cabochon and the last two pictures show a rose cut round cabochon:-) I will take between 4-6 weeks to make it.

~~She is flying through the Night guided by the Moon and the Stars above her.~~

The mysteries surrounding moths have always inspired me. The fact that they may be using celestial navigations methods to know where they are going is amazing. Feeling the Moon on their wings and finding their direction in the night is beautiful. For me it symbolises trust.
Trust is an emotion that is very hard for me to truly embrace. For me to trust that the Light I am seeing is really the Moonlight and not a huge fire that will destroy me is very difficult.
Not only trusting other people but also trusting myself or trusting that everything will be ok in the end. Even when I know it will.

I find it beautiful the metamorphosis Moths undergo. Building their cocoon, entering darkness and after a while coming into the light and leaving it as a new being. It makes me believe that as Dark as a moment of your life can be, you can grow, rebuild yourself slowly .. steady... and then emerge as strong and beautiful as ever.

The lunar phases represent life cycles. The Moon disappears from the sky to then slowly emerge again, rebuilding herself.

This little Moth Amulet will remind you that even though pain is real you can always choose to trust you will be strong enough to deal with it.

This will come with an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

Please keep in mind that Rainbow Moonstones are natural stones and colour, clarity and inclusions will be different each time. They can have different tones/flashes and shades of blue, green, orange and sometimes purple too when touch by light and have a white milky colour in the shadow.
If you would like for a specific shade just message me at checkout and I will see what I can do :-D

Dimensions: Wings 50 mm Height 35 mm
Stone: Rainbow Moonstone either round rose cut or polished.
Weight: 16g

Please check my FAQ for shipping information.

Do you have more questions?please remember I'm always available!:-D

As all my jewellery I send it to the INCM which then tests the quality of the material and then Hallmarks it. Due to covid this has changed so if you want your piece to be hallmarked just contact me :-) You will get pure Sterling Silver. In this link you can see what Hallmark will be used. It's the little hawk 925.
They also test for presence of lead and cadmium.
Hallmarking pieces is more expensive but it's the only way to guaranty that it's pure Sterling Silver.
The Hallmark will usually be on the back of the piece.

The patina may change over time and that is perfectly normal.

Please don't forget that I'm always available and if you have any doubts feel free to contact me any time.